Brandon Dorsky • May 5, 2018

Fruit Slabs are all-natural, vegan, THC-infused edibles made from real fruit. Compact, tasty and healthy, these slabs are the perfect solution for the health-conscious canna-consumer looking for a discreet infused snack.

My palate ascended into heaven with the first taste of the Tropical Haze Fruit Slab. Dosing in combination with The OG Mango flavor (each slab comes equipped with 100mg of THC), the tangy, citrusy notes combined for a delicious natural flavor—and high!—that was clean, cerebral and chill. My tongue felt like it was layered with a sweetly textured sheet composed of the nectar of the gods; I couldn’t help but nibble a little more, which led to a healthy, hearty high. Also available in Mango Maui Wowie and Grandaddy Grape flavors!