Another Summer is behind us. The Harvest Moon has come and gone. And with the change of seasons,  a lot of intensity was brought about for our industry. The fires that have been devastating so much of NorCal are going to have quite the impact - emotionally, socially, and financially. Our hearts, thoughts & positive prayers are with everyone that has been affected by the recent natural disasters from Puerto Rico, Texas, to our home state of California. But that is not enough for us, so we are working on an online fundraiser to help those affected... Stay tuned for more details. 


Events you can find us at this month.....

10/21 || 1-6PM || Downtown LA Arts District || Arts District Daze 

Event open to the public.


10/24 || 6-8pm || Circuit Pilates, Los Angeles || Pilates with Master Trainer Chava Hamlet

Invitation Only. RSVP to


10/27 || 4-7pm || Cannabal City Collective, DTLA || Trichome or Treat

Event open to California residents 18+ with proper MMJ rec.


10/28 || 4-7pm || Hollywood, Los Angeles || White Rabbit High Tea




It's already Fall?

How did this happen? Sometimes living in Southern California makes you feel like you're stuck in Groundhog's Day - the weather is always nice, it's about the same temperature for the majority of the year, & the seasons we grew up with on the East Coast in Virginia & New York are non-existent. Trust us, we're not complaining, we love this consistent warm weather life... But sometimes it just makes you forget what season we are in.

This Summer was complete magic for Fruit Slabs...We made our official launch at The High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup the weekend of June 20th, submitting our Mango Maui Wowie into the edibles competition. Out of about 40 entries we are proud to say we placed in the Top 10 Edibles! You can check out the articles on Top 10 & Top 11 Edibles.

We were also featured in High Times Psychedelicatessen- "a weekly column exploring the world of cannabis cuisine, including recipes from the great chefs and ganjapreneurs who fuel our appetite for adventure." The column is hosted by Elise McDonough, who is also the author of High Times Cannabis Cookbook, and on October 2nd she featured Fruit Slabs' Grilled Peach Pot Salad.

Needless to say, we've been busy! It's been a wild, amazing & enlightening five months since we launched, but we are just getting started... We have so much that we want to accomplish and so many patients we want to help in healing whatever may ail them. If you own a dispensary or delivery and would like to carry Fruit Slabs, please reach out to us at








Fruit Slabs is currently in production. We have a big weekend ahead of full of slab making, packaging, and quality control. CannaCup 2015 SF here we come!