A Healthy, Medicated Magic Carpet Ride


A Healthy, Medicated Magic Carpet Ride

Brandon Dorsky • May 5, 2018

Fruit Slabs are all-natural, vegan, THC-infused edibles made from real fruit. Compact, tasty and healthy, these slabs are the perfect solution for the health-conscious canna-consumer looking for a discreet infused snack.

My palate ascended into heaven with the first taste of the Tropical Haze Fruit Slab. Dosing in combination with The OG Mango flavor (each slab comes equipped with 100mg of THC), the tangy, citrusy notes combined for a delicious natural flavor—and high!—that was clean, cerebral and chill. My tongue felt like it was layered with a sweetly textured sheet composed of the nectar of the gods; I couldn’t help but nibble a little more, which led to a healthy, hearty high. Also available in Mango Maui Wowie and Grandaddy Grape flavors!


Sativa and Scones: Attending a High (Yes, That Kind of High) Tea in Los Angeles


Sativa and Scones: Attending a High (Yes, That Kind of High) Tea in Los Angeles

ELLA RILEY-ADAMS • February 5, 2018

On the plane, I was annoyed at everything. The woman next to me kicked her foot in the air over and over, so vigorously I thought she might end up doing some Rockette moves in the aisle. The woman across from us kept pounding her thighs with closed fists, no doubt some sophisticated massage technique. I held one hand between my face and the spastic movement, trying to blinker myself like a Central Park horse. Never an avid smoker, I wondered if maybe I could use some weed.

I was on the way to Los Angeles, a city that’s currently engaged in cannabis celebration. California passed the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, or Proposition 64, in November 2016, making it legal for its residents to grow and possess pot. Although recreational purchases weren’t permitted until January 1, the city has long been ablaze with weed-enhanced experiences, from workouts to fine diningand one Alice in Wonderland-inspired afternoon party, the cleverly named White Rabbit High Tea.

Its founder and “high hostess,” Jessica Cole, always had the urge to bring people together over petit fours and saucers. “Back in high school I had a subscription to Martha Stewart magazine,” Cole says. “Everyone else had a Seventeensubscription, but I had Martha. I love that she went to prison and made a mistake and recovered from it and is still doing what she’s doing and has Snoop Dogg as her bestie. There's something awesome about that.” After growing up in a weed-friendly town in Southern Oregon, Cole tried her hand at trimming (the handiwork required to separate marijuana leaves from the usable bud), but also threw countless parties in her own Oregon-Martha way. She moved to Los Angeles as the cannabis culture was evolving, and saw an opportunity to help her new friends create better brands, mostly through high-quality photography. Someone might grow pristine, organic weed and package it beautifully, but if they didn’t know how to present the product on Instagram, its exceptional nature could be lost to those not in immediate proximity.

As she met more people in the quickly growing industry, Cole realized that instead of having individual shoots, she could gather the most innovative brands with her penchant for party planning. So she dreamed up an event that would be part photo session, part showcase, but mostly one delightful trip down the rabbit hole, complete with THC-infused fruit leather, mini grilled cheese, and one very generous goodie bag.

This particular Saturday, it was held at the Petit Ermitage, a West Hollywood boutique hotel infamous for its Burning Man parties and generally debaucherous events. Simply staying there is a Wonderlandish experience of its own. A cookie tin at the check-in desk is labeled “quaaludes,” and in the bathroom off the bar, a little oval mirror is perfectly positioned so that, if you’re sitting on the toilet, you see your face staring back at you. On Friday nights, Toledo Diamond hosts a burlesque show in a side room. The bar food—caramelized Brussels sprouts with tempeh bacon, deviled eggs, lobster pho—was just the thing after a cross-country flight. The perfect Old Fashioned helped too.

The dress code for White Rabbit High Tea is “Sunday best,” or “date night attire,” but Cole encourages costumes. “People want to play dress-up, they want to play as adults,” she reasons. Guests have worn animal masks and top hats (we ran into a Johnny Depp relation the night prior, and he promised to bring the Mad Hatter hat next time). I wore a light pink romper and accessorized with a bonnet, thinking I could pass as some sort of Bo Peep. My friend became a cross between Veronica Lodge and a Vampire bride, wearing a choker and a veil. There were three tables set up beneath the wisteria in the Petit Ermitage’s rooftop butterfly garden. One was occupied by a birthday party for a student from USC, the other two were a mix of industry folks and curious cannabis enthusiasts. A couple had heard about the event on Facebook, but it was sold out the last two times they tried to go. In the elevator on the way out, they happily held their goodie bag: “This is so worth it.”

Bridgette Davis, owner of Big Momma’s Legacy, a line of cannabis salve, has sponsored High Tea before but attended as a guest this time. “Not only do you get to dress up and wear hats,” Davis said, “but on the business side of it I like it because you don’t know who you’re sitting next to or sitting across from.” She’s gotten clients from the high tea, as well as inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs. Cole is purposeful about selecting small business owners and women-led companies to sponsor each event. “You don’t realize what amazing products are on the market right now, how well they’re packaged and designed and created,” Cole says.

The table was set for tea, with china and calligraphic name cards. A closer inspection revealed the cannabis spread: bowls of bud, peppermint patties, floral lollipops, and elegant vape pens. I met Roxanne Dennant, co-founder of Fruit Slabs, maker of the “Mango Maui Wowie” snack.\

Tea was served, and Roxanne lit the first joint—it was Chocolate Hashberry flavor. Conversation turned, naturally, to weed. “There are sooo many cannabis events now,” one woman exclaimed, half complaining. The industry is happy to be in the light, at last. “Did you hear it was cannabis prom tonight?” another woman asked. Soon the tea snacks were delivered: they were trays of deviled quail eggs, triangles of grilled cheese, and an assortment of cookies provided by Petit Ermitage. When the tea is hosted elsewhere, Cole enlists the services of Holden Jagger, a former Soho House chef whose menu “celebrates cannabis as a vegetable,” rather than mind-altering substance.

At one point during the night, my table fell silent, each of us consumed with our own thoughts. The next table chatted animatedly, laughing. “They got the sativa,” Bloomfield’s Brooke Sinclair explained, referring to the strain of cannabis that’s more uplifting. One of her company’s products is a pack of vape pens: sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD—“something for each of my girlfriends.” She’d distributed them among the tables. “Education is one things that our industry currently lacks, and I think it is important to constantly engage with consumers to explain the benefits of each strain and how/when to use them,” Sinclair told me later.

The evening included an education for those who could focus enough to take in the complexities of terpenes and cannabinoids. Eventually each sponsor stood up to introduce their product and explain the larger purpose behind their business. Most told stories of pain management and general healing. At the end of the night, a middle-aged guest shook hands with one of the presenters, clearly touched by the experience. “Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us,” she said.

The sun set as we were having tea

The tea finished at 7 p.m., at which point my friend and I considered what felt like one hundred restaurants before agreeing on Night + Market, Kris Yenbamroong’s Thai place. (I recommend having a driver pick you up.) The pad thai satisfied every unidentified craving, and the plastic floral tablecloths upheld the bubbly mood of the day. Later, wrapped in the Petit Ermitage’s bathrobes, we went through the contents of our goodie bags, examining and sorting and exchanging items with the same glee we used to have after elementary school birthday parties. Instead of bouncy balls and Smarties, we got cannabis skin rubtinctures, and prerolls; just the kind of party favors you’d want in L.A. today.


Cannabis Product Review: Fruit Slabs


Cannabis Product Review: Fruit Slabs

Max Ballou, Cannifornian contributorJan 25, 2018

For those of you who were/are obsessed with fruit rolls ups, Fruit-by-the-Foot, or anything that starts in “fruit” and ends in “leather,” you’re going to love the Fruit Slab. With an A+ texture and gob-smacking good taste, the raw, vegan, organic Slab’s got a lot going on.

Fruity notes will explode your palate right away. The Slabs come in four different flavors – the OG Mango, Grandaddy Grape, Tropical Haze, and Mango Maui Wowie. The “Wowie” lives up to its name, with its blend of mango and coconut flavors sprinkled with coconut flakes on top (yum). The Wowie is also a little different in that it comes in ten individual mini-leathers rather than one strip. Flavor-wise, I loved the Tropical Haze best, which did win 2nd place Edible at 2017’s Chalice Cup.

The Fruit Slabs are super clean, ingredients-wise. It’s just pureed organic fruit and solvent-free cannabis extract. Each fruit leather contains 100 mgs of THC, and for dosing purposes, each fruit leather is scored so as you start to peel it, it’s easy to see how to only consume a 10mg strip. Reliable dosing is a common fear amongst folks regarding edibles, and it’s nice that Fruit Slabs goes the extra mile for ease and consistency.

So even though you’re probably going to want to eat the entire fruit leather, you should know that the THC distillate in this edible is powerful. I felt the effects within a half an hour, a gentle softening ‘round the edges. Around the hour mark, I breathed easier as I realized my staring-at-screens headache had faded, too. Mood-wise, I definitely felt some psychoactivity (the good kind) and gentle uplifting effects.

Depending on your body, there’s anywhere from a single dose to 20. If you’re sensitive, you may need only a half a strip at a time (which you can easily do with the Slab’s resealable packaging). At about $15 bucks a pop, this is an affordable yet potent edible. With its reasonable price and satisfying effects, this treat will remind you of going to the beach even on dark, cold winter days.

The Wrap: Fruit Slabs are ideal for health-conscious folks who prefer edibles – it’s vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, uses sun-grown, full-plant extract…you name it, the makers of the Fruit Slab have already thought of it. Plus, it’s just fun to eat a medicated fruit leather! If you’re in any kind of discomfort, the vibes of this organic, vegan, medicated treat will instantly put a smile on your face.

Potency: 100 mgs of THC per slab

Price: About $16 each

Effects: 10 out of 10

Taste: 10 out of 10

Availability: Check your local dispensary


Hey, ‘Budtender’: Los Angeles’s Power Brokers of Pot Crank Up the Kook


Hey, ‘Budtender’: Los Angeles’s Power Brokers of Pot Crank Up the Kook

Laura M. Holson • December 9, 2017

LOS ANGELES — Carli Jo Bidlingmaier was talking to a group of 20-somethings in a living room in the Bel-Air neighborhood here, weeks before the wildfires. She was explaining that consuming marijuana allows a woman to awaken her “yoni,” a Sanskrit term for vagina favored by Hollywood bohemians.

“Everybody stand up!” she shouted. The crowd, all women seated on pillows on the floor, leapt to their feet.

Ms. Bidlingmaier, a former casting producer for “The Bachelor,” vigorously shook her hips. She was leading the women in a so-called cannabis sensuality circle that seemed like something out of 1960s Esalen: joints, frank talk about sexuality, meditation and — at the end of the night — a headlong plunge into a big bowl of strawberries and dark chocolate.

“It is our divine right to enjoy our pleasure,” Ms. Bidlingmaier said. No one disagreed.

In January, California will join the list of states where recreational marijuana is legal, among them Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska. With researchers tallying California’s marijuana sales at $7.7 billion last year, the so-called green rush has already turned gold. Next year, the Standard hotel in Hollywood plans to open a dispensary for edibles. “It’s exploding in a good way,” said Emerald Castro, a brand ambassador for cannabis start-ups. “There are a lot of professionals on board.”

Cannabis sales, currently for medicinal purposes, are primarily a cash business. (Federal laws prohibit the use of banks for illegal drugs.) And with restrictions on advertising, the industry retains something of a quaint dorm-room vibe.

That means parties. Lots of them. Parties to educate and inform new users. Parties to connect to friends who partake. And parties to sell, sell, sell cannabis to an unfamiliar public, most of whom still think “Girl Scout Cookies” are for eating, “Moby Dick” is a novel, and “Skywalker” is Luke’s last name, rather than chic new strains.

Along with the sensuality circles, there are get-togethers for gamers who smoke pot, marijuana Christmas parties, classes where artists can puff and paint. There are studios where yogis smoke sensimilla with their shavasana and members’ only co-working spaces where entrepreneurs can enjoy a dab of hash while poring over data-flow diagrams and accounting receipts.

“It all comes down to not feeling like a criminal, being seen as a criminal,” said Douglas Dracup, 31, whose Hitman Coffee Shop on South La Brea Avenue is one of these spaces. Parties, he said, have “set the stage for the industry to flourish.”

Below, a recent tour of Los Angeles’s flourishing pot scene.

High Tea

In a gated office building off Sunset Boulevard, tucked between a parking lot and two motels, about 25 people gathered one recent Saturday for “White Rabbit High Tea.” Jessica Cole Eriksen, 34, began hosting tea parties in April 2016 after working as a nanny in Ireland where brew was a daily ritual. “I’m rolling joints so, everyone, let’s get rolling,” said Ms. Eriksen, who brought a box filled with masks and hats for people to wear. “I’m so happy you are here on this lovely afternoon.”

Some were friends or guests who read about the tea party, which cost $65, online. “I saw it on Instagram last month, and I thought I would come,” said Bridgett Davis, in between puffs under her leopard-print hat. “In December I’m going to pull out my mink. It’s a different kind of crowd, not teenagers or millennials.”

Holden Jagger, a former executive pastry chef at the Soho House who started a cannabis cooking and cultivation business last year, prepared the meal. The table was set with place cards, gold lace paper napkins and strategically arranged ashtrays. There was no pot in the roasted corn and buttermilk scones. But there were plenty of joints, vape pens and edibles on the table. A server wearing a crimson dress and rabbit ears poured peach green tea.

Tara Dawn Roseman, an eyebrow aesthetician, examined a bottle of lotion infused with medical marijuana.

“My dad loves this stuff,” said Roxanne Dennant, whose company, Fruit Slabs, makes cannabis-infused fruit leather. “He rubs it on his hands.”

“My hands are always hurting,” Ms. Roseman said.

“Then use some!” Ms. Dennant said. “They are on the table to be used.”

There were a lot of products to try: cannabis-infused cellulite cream, lip balm, chocolate cookies and small bottles of artisanal buds from Northern California. Ms. Roseman brought some pot from home, which she dumped on a plate so she could roll a joint. Platters of finger sandwiches were passed.

“Do you find yourself with friends that want to talk about something else?” said Ms. Dennant. “We can’t. We are passionate.”

Ms. Eriksen refrained from smoking because she was pregnant. She watched as guests eyed the buds on the table. “You get a gift bag so you don’t need to pocket anything,” she said.

As caramel popcorn and apple pie cookies were passed, the table grew silent. A man put a zebra mask over his face and scrolled through his cellphone. “I was just staring off into the sky and thinking, ‘I am sufficiently stoned,’” Ms. Dennant said.

Ms. Davis said, “You feel like not talking so much anymore.”

Mr. Jagger joined the table. “I had a mom give me a cookie once,” he said, recalling his early 20s. “I just couldn’t talk for a while. My arms were moving, but my mouth wasn’t working. She put a whole plant into butter and it was pretty strong.”

When he was a younger man, Mr. Jagger said, he prided himself in baking potent cookies. Nowadays, cooks are better at tempering the high. “The idea that we can manage it,” he said, “takes the fun out of it.”


13 Healthy Cannabis Superfoods


13 Healthy Cannabis Superfoods

Elise McDonough • November 3, 2016

Cannabis is a healing herb that also happens to confer feelings of gratitude, contentment, euphoria and self-awareness. When adding cannabis to a daily routine or designing a therapeutic treatment program, it’s important to utilize these soulful benefits to balance both body and mind, providing an opportunity to relax, meditate and reflect on life. Create a synergistic, healthy lifestyle that will allow you to thrive by using cannabis as a tool for self-improvement, whether as a post-workout recovery snack or as a way to more deeply appreciate a walk in the woods.

There’s no reason to rely on sugary dessert edibles that are laden with extra calories when you can pair your THC dose with other nutritious ingredients that amplify the desired effects while supporting your overall vitality. After all, why would you want to pair a life-affirming herb like cannabis with a dangerous, addictive drug called refined sugar anyway?!

Those with dietary restrictions seeking vegan, gluten-free or sugar-free edibles can find more options available on dispensary shelves than ever before, including these awesome offerings from progressive, wellness-focused edibles companies.

Get healthy and high with these 13 cannabis-infused superfoods that fit into an active, vibrant lifestyle!

Fruit Slabs

Dosed with 100 milligrams of THC, these dried fruit leathers were created by Roxanne Dennant, a vegan concerned about health. Dismayed by the options on display at her local dispensary, Roxanne designed a product meant for health-conscious people like her. Fruit Slabs are all-natural, cannabis-infused fruit leather, perfect for people with active lifestyles who need to medicate discreetly while on the go.

BONUS: Make this Grilled Peach Pot Salad recipe garnished with Fruit Slabs!


From Weed Lube to Fruit Snacks, New Cannabis Products Hit the Market


From Weed Lube to Fruit Snacks, New Cannabis Products Hit the Market


There’s a kaleidoscopic offering of new pot products on the market – the result of entrepreneurs dedicated to developing new ways to deliver THC into the human body, our lunch boxes, and our sex lives.

While condoms infused with marijuana aren't available yet, there are new products that heighten sensations by making the skin more sensitive.The Foria company offers a coconut oil–based marijuana lubricant, administered via spray, which claims to help women achieve orgasm. But beyond pleasure, Foria Relief offers marijuana-laced suppositories for women suffering menstrual cramps.

Foria products can be found in many pre-ICO dispensaries in Los Angeles as well as other California and Colorado pot dispensaries.

Comedian-actress Whoopi Goldberg has also created a line called Whoopi & Maya that includes Epsom bath salts for aching muscles and menstrual cramps, a cacao product that the company claims provides pain relief while “satisfying a woman’s desire for chocolate” and a body balm for menstrual pain. One of the more clever travel devices on the market is an inhaler called Mystabis that resembles the apparatus doctors prescribe for asthma sufferers. The Mystabis website states: “The aerosol sprayed from the product is coarser than smoke or vape so you get more medicine per puff than from a joint or e-cig.”

Those looking for a healthy alternative to high-calorie, high-gluten cannabis chocolate bars and brownies might want to check out Fruit Slabs. They can be found at 35 medical marijuana dispensaries around California, including BSE on the Westside, New Amsterdam Natural in Culver City and the Kind Center in Van Nuys. They come in two flavors, the OG Mango, and the Mango Maui Wowie with mango and coconut. They’re like the old fruit roll-ups you mom stashed in your lunch bag, minus the corn syrup and plus the pot. Fruit Slabs contain myrcene, which is part of the mango’s molecular structure. When myrcene combines with THC, “it creates an entourage effect that makes for a really great high from a vegan, gluten-free organic product,” says Roxanne Dennant, Fruit Slabs’ president and co-founder with chief financial officer Brian Cona.

Ashley Dudas, an herbalist at Green Goddess dispensary in Venice, says she’s plagued by migraine headaches. She uses Colorado-based Mary’s Medicinals’ transdermal patch — which releases THC over a 12-hour period —  to combat pain. She says other patients she consults have found relief in THC tinctures made by Naturally Mystics Organics.

Given these options, it might be high time to put down that joint.


The #StayWoke Guide to Eating Edibles


The #StayWoke Guide to Eating Edibles

Khushbu Shah • Apr 20, 2016

The world of edibles is no longer constrained to your sketchy neighbor baking up a batch of “special” brownies that either A) have zero effect on your state of consciousness, or B) get you so stoned you call the cops on yourself. Over the past few years, thanks to ballot initiatives that have legalized medical marijuana in 23 states and recreational use in four states, the edible-marijuana industry has flourished, and innovation is at a new high. The edibles game has turned into its own culinary arms race, with companies crafting everything from cannabis-infused stroopwafels, to cotton candy, bottled chai, to entire marijuana-fueled dinners.

You know TCH treats have reached a new level of acceptance when celebrities want in on the action, too. In the past year alone, rappers Snoop Dogg and The Game both announced lines of edibles. Snoop’s line, called Leafs, features a slew of products including gummies and chocolate bars. The Game plans to sell the thirsty masses a range of weed-laced lemonade called G Drinks. And everyone from stoner legend Tommy Chong, to reality-TV star Bethenny Frankel, is getting in on the action. The excitement to engineer quality treats is also attracting the attention of people with serious food world cred: James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Mindy Segal is working a line that includes infused granola bites, brittle bars, and a take on a hot chocolate.

While they are becoming more popular, the key facts of edible consumption are still shrouded in haze. In Colorado, for instance, emergency rules were passed requiring edibles makers stamp or shape their products so that they can be identified as containing cannabis outside of its packaging. Because the federal government still classifies marijuana as controlled substance, it makes it difficult for labs to conduct controlled studies that could help set proper, agreed-upon guidelines. Plus, each state sets its own regulations—which are frequently subject to change—making it confusing for consumers. We turned to High Times Edibles Editor and The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook author Elise McDonough for clarification about rules and regulations, and tips on how to how to seek out the best stuff.

Specialty edibles to keep on your radar.

The growing market for edibles means people can find everything from gluten-free, to organic, to vegan, to sugar-free options these days. McDonough notes, “I think that because cannabis is such a health-positive substance, you really should pair it with other ingredients that are nutritious and that will bring more healing benefits to your body.” As a judge of the annual Cannabis Cup, McDonough has developed a sophisticated palette for marijuana foods. Here, she breaks down a list of her favorites.


“It’s essentially a very adult take on a fruit roll-up that also happens to be made from all-natural ingredients.” fruitslabs.com


Statutes, Stigma, and the Toking Tipping Point


Statutes, Stigma, and the Toking Tipping Point

Catherine Goldberg • May 17, 2016

Cannabis, ganja, medical marijuana. No matter what you call call it, one thing is clear: weed in the United States is at a major crossroads, and cannabis as an industry is about to change “Mary Jane” forever.

When I ask people why they believe marijuana should be legal, I generally hear two valid arguments. The first being, “Medical marijuana improved the quality of my life and alleviates xyz pain.” The second is generally, “I’m an adult and I prefer a joint to an alcoholic beverage.” Personally, I think the opportunities in the future cannabis industry outweigh any dubious fears of legalization.

The general arguments against legalization usually consist of fear that dispensaries will bring crime and kids will have easier access to the adult substance. One of the main anti-marijuana fear mongers, Bill O’Reilly, claims marijuana is a public menace and helps no one. But these allegations are unfounded. A recent study published by the Colorado Department of Public Safety found the number of minors using marijuana has actually decreased since legalization.

What is undeniable are the hundreds of millions of dollars that recreational marijuana is making in revenue. For instance, Colorado made almost $1 billion in 2015, $135 million in tax revenue. While Oregon made more than $11 million in the first week of recreational legalization.

More importantly, the cannabis industry is creating a diversity of new jobs and opportunities. It’s not only providing retail jobs in dispensaries, but all the new products popping up require chemists and engineers to make the extractions, artists and writers to brand the products, investors, salespeople, consultants, CEOs, the list goes on. Women Grow, a national organization that champions women’s roles in the budding industry, is another example of the opportunities arising in the “Green Rush”. In fact, women hold a higher percent of senior executive roles in cannabis compared to other American industries, 36% to 21%, respectively. If we could take cannabis as seriously as we took tech in the 90’s — it would open up even more possibilities.

Legal cannabis products are different than the old stoner stereotype of buying a seedy dime bag in the park. They are sophisticated, thoughtful, and innovative. Take the new line of women’s topicals Whoopi Goldberg and her business partner Maya just released that alleviate menstrual cramps, aches, and pains. Or the delicious THC infused gourmet coffee products of House of Jane, that help cannabis users stay medicated and productive. Not to mention, one of my personal favorites, the gorgeous, luxury, and odor-blocking handbags of AnnaBis. We asked Jeanine Moss, co-founder of AnnaBis, what inspired her to start such an unique line of bags. She told us: “My friends and I needed something fashionable, discreet, and odor-controlled to carry our cannabis in style. When I couldn’t find anything, I realized that sophisticated female cannabis consumers were being completely overlooked.”

Think of recreational marijuana more as a performance enhancer and lifestyle choice rather than some lazy, glassy-eyed, hungry hippie. For example, Roxanne Dennant recently created Fruit Slabs, organic, vegan fruit leathers with 100 mg of THC. She was sick of all the sugary, candy edibles currently dominating the scene, so she created a natural and delicious alternative herself.

Molly Peckler, the world’s first cannabis friendly life coach, relationship expert, and creator of Highly Devoted, is a perfect example of the next step for cannabis. Molly uses her Bachelor’s of Science in psychology and her previous experience in professional matchmaking to help cannabis users feel more confident and find love. We asked Molly why she decided to start life coaching and matchmaking cannabis users and she told us: “I’ve been judged in the past for my relationship with cannabis, and I know so many successful, well-respected people who have gone through the same thing. The stigma makes dating much more complex, and there is a growing group of sophisticated smokers who are not being catered to by mainstream coaches and matchmakers. I saw a need that wasn’t being fulfilled, so I decided to build a business around cannabis friendly life and date coaching.” A bold move on Molly’s part, but exactly the type of innovative business models that the new cannabis industry will cater to.

Molly makes a great point about stigma; how it’s the most difficult hurdle for cannabis users to overcome and can affect everything from dating to self esteem. What the cannabis industry has, that it needs to tap into to help fight stigma, is an unparalleled human element. From business owners to consumers, everyone has a story, and now is the first time in history cannabis users can “come out of the closet”. Although that’s only allowed in a small number of states, acceptance is spreading nationally. Especially with the presence of social media, cannabis users and brands can support one another and fight stigma together.

If we truly view cannabis use as a lifestyle choice, free of judgement, we won’t demonize those who use it recreationally as well as medicinally. Marijuana is not only a safe alternative to Valium, Adderall, and Oxycodone, but also to alcohol. It is legal and socially acceptable to have a drink to unwind and socialize, yet it is 114 times more likely to kill you according to a recent study. Alcohol kills 88,000 people per year in the United States alone, and as many as 2.5 million worldwide, while marijuana kills none. That’s not to mention alcohol increases violence and domestic abuse, while marijuana is proven to have the opposite effect. It’s about time we stop pretending that marijuana is dangerous and bad for society, when those are truly words to describe alcohol.

If you’re curious about this new market and want to learn more about how brands are being built, check out my ebook, now available for free! BrainBuzzOG.com

This piece was created by Michelle Janikian and Catherine Goldberg for BrainBuzzOG.


The Kindland Features Fruit Slabs' CEO, Roxanne Dennant, to Talk Medicated Snacks


The Kindland Features Fruit Slabs' CEO, Roxanne Dennant, to Talk Medicated Snacks

Roxanne Dennant is on a mission to change the way you eat edibles. She's developed a magical and tasty fruit leather that is not only medicated, it's organic and vegan.

After traveling a ton for her full-time fashion job, the recent entrepreneur began taking Xanax to curb anxiety attacks. Soon enough, she felt like a zombie and decided to try edibles instead. But the lack of health-conscious medicated snacks left her bummed out. 

She hated calorie and sugar-infused desserts; so she decided to make her own bomb, healthy medicated sweetness: Fruit Slabs

Each fruity snack is created with certified organic ingredients and is infused with the highest quality THC extract. Currently, you can get your hands on two flavors: The OG Mango and Mango Maui Wowie.

Dennant runs her cannabis company out of Los Angeles and feels that—though she's grown up in Virginia and spent a few winters in NYC—L.A. is the best place for her to thrive.



It's already Fall?

How did this happen? Sometimes living in Southern California makes you feel like you're stuck in Groundhog's Day - the weather is always nice, it's about the same temperature for the majority of the year, & the seasons we grew up with on the East Coast in Virginia & New York are non-existent. Trust us, we're not complaining, we love this consistent warm weather life... But sometimes it just makes you forget what season we are in.

This Summer was complete magic for Fruit Slabs...We made our official launch at The High Times NorCal Cannabis Cup the weekend of June 20th, submitting our Mango Maui Wowie into the edibles competition. Out of about 40 entries we are proud to say we placed in the Top 10 Edibles! You can check out the articles on Top 10 & Top 11 Edibles.

We were also featured in High Times Psychedelicatessen- "a weekly column exploring the world of cannabis cuisine, including recipes from the great chefs and ganjapreneurs who fuel our appetite for adventure." The column is hosted by Elise McDonough, who is also the author of High Times Cannabis Cookbook, and on October 2nd she featured Fruit Slabs' Grilled Peach Pot Salad.

Needless to say, we've been busy! It's been a wild, amazing & enlightening five months since we launched, but we are just getting started... We have so much that we want to accomplish and so many patients we want to help in healing whatever may ail them. If you own a dispensary or delivery and would like to carry Fruit Slabs, please reach out to us at customerservice@fruitslabs.com.








Fruit Slabs is currently in production. We have a big weekend ahead of full of slab making, packaging, and quality control. CannaCup 2015 SF here we come!