CRISSY VAN METER • April 6, 2016

Roxanne Dennant is on a mission to change the way you eat edibles. She's developed a magical and tasty fruit leather that is not only medicated, it's organic and vegan.

After traveling a ton for her full-time fashion job, the recent entrepreneur began taking Xanax to curb anxiety attacks. Soon enough, she felt like a zombie and decided to try edibles instead. But the lack of health-conscious medicated snacks left her bummed out. 

She hated calorie and sugar-infused desserts; so she decided to make her own bomb, healthy medicated sweetness: Fruit Slabs

Each fruity snack is created with certified organic ingredients and is infused with the highest quality THC extract. Currently, you can get your hands on two flavors: The OG Mango and Mango Maui Wowie.

Dennant runs her cannabis company out of Los Angeles and feels that—though she's grown up in Virginia and spent a few winters in NYC—L.A. is the best place for her to thrive.