There’s a kaleidoscopic offering of new pot products on the market – the result of entrepreneurs dedicated to developing new ways to deliver THC into the human body, our lunch boxes, and our sex lives.

While condoms infused with marijuana aren't available yet, there are new products that heighten sensations by making the skin more sensitive.The Foria company offers a coconut oil–based marijuana lubricant, administered via spray, which claims to help women achieve orgasm. But beyond pleasure, Foria Relief offers marijuana-laced suppositories for women suffering menstrual cramps.

Foria products can be found in many pre-ICO dispensaries in Los Angeles as well as other California and Colorado pot dispensaries.

Comedian-actress Whoopi Goldberg has also created a line called Whoopi & Maya that includes Epsom bath salts for aching muscles and menstrual cramps, a cacao product that the company claims provides pain relief while “satisfying a woman’s desire for chocolate” and a body balm for menstrual pain. One of the more clever travel devices on the market is an inhaler called Mystabis that resembles the apparatus doctors prescribe for asthma sufferers. The Mystabis website states: “The aerosol sprayed from the product is coarser than smoke or vape so you get more medicine per puff than from a joint or e-cig.”

Those looking for a healthy alternative to high-calorie, high-gluten cannabis chocolate bars and brownies might want to check out Fruit Slabs. They can be found at 35 medical marijuana dispensaries around California, including BSE on the Westside, New Amsterdam Natural in Culver City and the Kind Center in Van Nuys. They come in two flavors, the OG Mango, and the Mango Maui Wowie with mango and coconut. They’re like the old fruit roll-ups you mom stashed in your lunch bag, minus the corn syrup and plus the pot. Fruit Slabs contain myrcene, which is part of the mango’s molecular structure. When myrcene combines with THC, “it creates an entourage effect that makes for a really great high from a vegan, gluten-free organic product,” says Roxanne Dennant, Fruit Slabs’ president and co-founder with chief financial officer Brian Cona.

Ashley Dudas, an herbalist at Green Goddess dispensary in Venice, says she’s plagued by migraine headaches. She uses Colorado-based Mary’s Medicinals’ transdermal patch — which releases THC over a 12-hour period —  to combat pain. She says other patients she consults have found relief in THC tinctures made by Naturally Mystics Organics.

Given these options, it might be high time to put down that joint.